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RPA Extensive Maintenance 

RPA has extensive experience in aircraft maintenance, repair and engine overhaul with accreditation from Jabiru in fibreglass work. With a comprehensive background in mechanical engineering, we are  able to cover a wide range of repairs and scheduled maintenance.  Whether it is implementation of a service bulletin or an aircraft or engine modification, RPA has the ability to provide a service equal to none.

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Service Bullitns

Do you have a service bulletin that is outstanding or unsure how to implement it? We are able to ensure that it complies with RA-Aus standards and manufacturer’s specifications, keeping you up to date with all your maintenance requirements.



Have you had an unfortunate incident or do you want to prepare your aircraft for sale? Are you wondering how to get your aircraft back to new? We provide a fully serviced refurbishment service able to bring your aircraft back to its original condition.



Is your engine coming up to a major service? Is it nearly out of time and needs refurbishment? Or do you wish to replace it with a new engine? We are able to fit or overhaul engines to manufacturer’s specifications.



Are you buying or selling an aircraft and need an RA-Aus Aircraft Condition Report? We carry out a full report with research into Airworthiness reports and defects. Also report on outstanding Service Bulletins.

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Are you looking for some components to be manufactured or machined? We have the ability to design and machine components to any detailed drawing. We can also assist with creating your ideas.



Do you need to transport your aircraft without flying it? We have an Aircraft size trailer ready to transport most RA-Aus aircraft with all the padding required to minimise damage.

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Weight & Balance of aircraft

Is your aircraft more than 5 years old? Or are you re-registering it after 12 months of no rego then it may need a Weight and Balance submitted to RA-Aus. We are RA-Aus Weight control officer.


Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Are you noticing some vibration in your aircraft? Not happy with just a static balance then a Dynamic balance iis the answer. Unwanted vibration causes exsesive ware on all parts of the aircraft.


Engine Replacement

Do you want to replace your engine and have it fitted and a Weight and balance completed so you know its safe to fly.

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