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Learning to Fly

Are you interested in learning to fly – for fun, career or just a one-off experience? Then you have come to the right place. Purchase a gift voucher for yourself or a friend and enjoy a half hour Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) in one of our fantastic sports aircraft.


Situated in the picturesque Murray Lands along the Mighty Murray River you will depart Murray Bridge Airport and take to the skies with one of our very experienced instructors.

RPA is an RA-Aus Approved Training Centre and was established in 1992 in the business of recreational flight training. We are enthusiastic about teaching others to fly and can’t wait to teach you.

  • Flight training includes flying and classroom briefings.
  • Training usually starts with a 30 minute trial flight, which involves a short classroom briefing, free temporary membership with RA-Aus (Recreational Aviation Australia), then the trial flight.
  • Once you start your training, the flights with your instructor are booked at times that fit with your busy schedule. Three hours of training are permitted before you commit to join the RA-Aus. Your training progress is at your pace whether it is once a week or fulltime every day.
  • The training program works through a structured syllabus involving lessons and dual flight training.
  • The first written exam is the pre-solo exam. A pass in this exam together with your dual flying training with your instructor to solo standard, allows you to take your first solo flight. A very memorable moment!
  • After the first solo flight, a combination of dual and solo flight training prepares you to achieve the proficiency required for the Pilot Certificate flight test. During this time, 4 multi-choice exams need to be passed. Exams are Air legislation, Radio, Human Factors and Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK).
Recreational Pilot Requirements

  • Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) requires a minimum of 20 hours training* (of which at least 5 are solo) for a license. Medical standards are equivalent to what is required for a motor vehicle license.​

  • Students can fly solo from 15 years of age**.

  • All licenses are renewable every two years. This involves passing a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) which is effective from your last flight test as recorded in your log book.

       Flight Training Cost

            $280 per hour Dual Training / $200 per Hire & Fly after your RPC


           There are other administration costs along with RA-Aus fees to consider.

           *20 hours is the minimum set by RA-Aus. The hours to achieve the RA-Aus standard will depend on an individual's ability.

           ** With the parents’ consent.

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