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We're here to help you reach your dreams.
At RPA we can endorse you

A pilot’s certificate enables you to hire and fly our aircraft and fly within 25 miles of the airfield without an instructor.

We conduct additional training once you’ve completed your pilot’s certificate to further your flying career and capacity. Endorsements include Passenger Endorsement, Cross Country Endorsement (Navigation), Formation flying and Partner Training.


Once you have your Pilot’s Certificate you will probably want to take your friends and family up with you. Once you have 10 hours in command (PIC) you can complete the passenger endorsement and let your friends enjoy the fun of recreational flying with you.


If teaching others to fly, once you’ve mastered your pilot’s certificate and endorsements appeals to you, then we also provide instructor training which involves approx 20 hours of flight training and 30 hours of classroom training. This endorsement allows you to teach students under the supervision of the CFI.


Are you currently GA trained and want to fly recreational aircraft? We can help with your conversion training to Recreational Aviation Australia so you can enjoy this cost-efficient and fun flying experience. Normally conversion training takes around 5-10 hours, plus theory exams and RPL where relevant.


Are you also interested in flying tailwheel aircraft, or have you purchased one and need a conversion? At RPA we provide training for flying Tailwheel aircraft.

Advanced Pilot Award
This will take you to the next level of flying with competency in Steep Lazy Eights, Steep 360° gliding turns, extensive side slipping, pre-stall competency in and recovery from stalls in climbing turns, advance engine failures, extensive crosswind take-off and landings with Short  Field approaches. 


Cross Country training involves a minimum of 10 hours navigation training, 2 hours which are solo, plus theory examinations and passing a navigation flight test with an Instructor. This endorsement allows you to fly anywhere around Australia outside of controlled airspace (10 miles distance from major airports).


Partner Training

Are you the wife, partner or passenger of a flyer? Do you ever wonder what would happen should the pilot become unable to fly the aircraft with you by their side? At RPA we are mindful of this and offer partner training - approximately 5 hours of flight training plus theory lessons.

If you are looking for additional training to increase your flying skills, we recommend obtaining a formation endorsement.  This involves approximately 5-10 hours of training preferably with a pilot friend.  This endorsement allows you to fly closer than 100 ft to each other, learning techniques such as echelon, line astern etc. This will also count as a BFR..
In-Flight Adjustable Propeller  
Retractable Undercarriage
If you are you thinking of buying an aircraft with retractable undercarriage or an aircraft with an in-flight adjustable propeller then we can endorse you to fly that aircraft.
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