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At RPA,  we’re serious about flying… we have serious fun and we’re seriously professional. RPA instructors have thousands of hours flying experience. They’ve trained hundreds of people and what’s just as important – they really love flying and sharing your dream!


We can help you to experience the exhilaration and joy of being at one with your aircraft and the elements. We can tailor and conduct flying lessons suited to your skills and ability so you too can become a recreational pilot. Take a Trial Instruction Flight today or purchase a gift voucher.


With our accredited pilot training, any hours you spend having fun in the air count towards your Private Pilot’s Licence (General Aviation) and towards a Commercial Pilot Licence. We also offer additional endorsements (including passenger, cross country, Advanced Pilot Award (APA), tail dragger and more) and can conduct your Biennial Flight Review (BFR) or conversion from GA to RA (Recreational Aviation).


Our personalised training will suit your budget and lifestyle.

Our History

We have a long history… we’ve been operating since 1992, originally under the name of Adelaide Ultralight Flying School. In 1997, James Hubbard (Chief Flying Instructor) purchased the school and in 2005 renamed it Recreational Pilots Academy (RPA) as it is known today.

Over the years, the Academy has provided over 1200 students with their recreational pilot’s certificate and trained 15 or more local instructors some now CFI’s of their own schools. RPA continues to attract people from all walks of life as well as from all over Australia and the world to enjoy the experience. In the last few years, the Academy has seen a welcome increase in female students, retirees and mature age students – proving this passion bites people of all ages, young and old, male and female alike.  Recently, RPA has welcomed many tourists to see the beauty of South Australia while experiencing a trial instructional flight… Everyone is welcome!




Began operation under the name of

Adelaide Ultralight Flying School

James Hubbard

(Chief Flying Instructor)

purchased the school

Renamed school as

Recreational Pilots Academy (RPA)

Take A Look Around RPA

From the moment you enter the car park, RPA stands out. As you approach the clean and tidy hangar with its painted floors and parachute covered ceiling with lined walls, we display our sense of pride.  When you enter the air-conditioned offices into the reception area, briefing rooms and kitchen with exceptional boardroom table, our style of business is obvious. RPA has been teaching recreational pilots since 1992 and has one of the best reputations in Adelaide.

Individual Briefing Rooms
Fully Air-conditioned
Computer Aided Training
Flat White, Latte or Cappuccino
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