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RPA instructors have years of experience
and are motivated to help you achieve your goals in aviation.

Meet The Team

With our accredited pilot training, any hours you spend having fun in the air count towards your Private Pilot’s Licence (General Aviation) and towards a Commercial Pilot Licence. We also offer additional endorsements (including passenger, cross country, Advanced Pilot Award (APA), tail dragger and more) and can conduct your Biennial Flight Review (BFR) or conversion from GA to RA (Recreational Aviation).


James Hubbard CFI

James Hubbard CFI – James has a background in mechanical engineering and has taken his hobby of flying to new heights. He started flying over fifteen years ago with Adelaide Ultralight Flying School (now RPA) in a Thruster T500 and the Lightwing, all good grounding to be an instructor. He soon moved on to bigger aircraft obtaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and progressing to Constant Speed, Retractable, Formation Flying and an Aerobatic Endorsement spending lots of fun hours upside-down and high in the sky. With thousands of hours of flying experience and extensive instructing in light aircraft, he loves to pass on as much as he can to his student pilots.

Michael Young SI

Michael Young SI – Michael began flying Gliders when he was 15 and now holds a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) with Constant Speed, Retract, LAHSO and Formation endorsements. He is a registered Angel Flight Pilot, transporting people to and from Adelaide for medical treatment. After owning his own Tobago TB10 aircraft, Michael appreciates the cost benefit of flying Recreational Aircraft and enjoys the time spent in the air with his students. His favourite aircraft is the Lightwing tail dragger although now, he is the proud owner of a Stintson.


James Reither I

James Reither – James has been flying since he was 16 years old. Initially he began flying
Gliders after receiving a joy flight for his birthday and he has loved flying ever since. James was also 
involved with building a Sonex aircraft throughout the final years of his schooling. Since then, 
he has gained his Recreational Pilots Certificate and has worked towards his Recreational
Instructors Rating.  He is now  studying General Aviation.

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