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Online Pilot Theory Training

We're here to help you reach your dreams.

Recreational Pilot Academy offers an online theory course structured for you 

Recreational Pilot Online theory course

A Recreational Pilot’s Certificate requires a number of exams to be passed. To assist in the study RPA offers an online course designed to make the study more structured. 


The course is divided into 5  subject headings

1. Basic pre-Solo Knowledge.

2 Radio.

3. Air Legislation.

4. Human Factors

5. Basic Aeronautical Knowledge.

6. Meteorology and Navigation.


The online course is an excellent way for you to assist your study while flying. For our international students a way of getting your theory up to standard before arriving to do the practice. This ensures you can focus on the practical and not be held up by the theory.

The course is divided into two streams one for English speaking and the second a modified course for English as a Second Language. This course has many explanations of English words that are not used in regular conversation and unique to aviation. Often these words and abbreviations make study from a regular textbook slow and difficult.

RPA has decades of teaching locals and recently overseas students.



 ideal starting point for Pilot Training. Starting your flight training in a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is the most efficient and cost effective route for learning to fly. Whether you’re training for fun or for a career in aviation, your Recreational Pilot Certificate should be your first goal.

The new legislation recognizes the Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) as the equivalent to a Recreational Pilot License. The hours in a light sport aircraft count directly towards a Recreational Pilot License (RPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) and towards a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This makes RPA a great place to start.

Now internationally recognised as a place to start for RPC, PPL and CPL 

Students often start with a Trial Instructional Flight. Once deciding to continue with the training they need to apply for RA-Aus Membership. Student pilot membership is directly payable to RA-Aus. The membership covers monthly magazines, third party insurance and issuing Pilot Certificate. Membership is renewable annually. To fly, the Medical standard is equivalent to that required for a motor vehicle licence.


Students typically require between 20-30 hours of flight training to achieve their flying Certificate. A lesson will start with a classroom brief on the technique before practice in the air. After each lesson students will have a short debrief with their instructor. Once ready, students will be flight tested by the CFI.


Available Full time


Once a week takes 7 to 8 Months

or as required.


There are several in-house theory exams students must pass: Pre Solo, Flight Radio, Air Legislation, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and Human Factors in addition to practical flight training.

We offer a 6-8 week Ground Theory Course to prepare students for each exam. Ground School is held on Friday mornings from 9:00 to 11:30 AM.

Cost Breakdown

Training hours listed are based on minimum requirements.  

Students may need more time on certain aspects of their flying to meet the required proficiency standards. 

Additional training will be charged at the standard rate for any additional time.

Membership to RA-Aus for 12 Months

12 Month Membership
Theory Text Books*
Pilot Training Dual*

RA-Aus Syllabus requires 15 Hours of Dual Training

Pilot Training Solo*

RA-Aus Syllabus requires 5 Hous of Solo Training

Pre-Flight Briefing*

Most lessons include a 15 Minute-long Pre-Flight Briefing.

Theory Exams*

Exams are conducted in-house and there is a charge per exam.  All Exams are multiple-choice, and require an 80% to pass.

Flight Test*

Fligth Test with CFI approximatley 1.2 hours and lodgment of certificate RPC to Ra-Aus

additional 5 Hours* 

Flight times are the minimums to complete the syllabus most people will require a few hours more to reach the necessary standard set for RPC by Ra-Aus.

If the additional 5 hours are purchased as a package* a discount of $500.00 will apply.




All pricing subject to change 
Pricing correct as of July 2019
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